Custom Saddlebag Liners

That’s right, we are offering custom saddlebag liners for Harley-Davidson motorcycles! Need to finish off your wild custom bagger? Want to dress up your stock bags? Tired of your stuff rattling around inside as you go down the road? Want to keep your stuff protected while looking stylish? Need that final accessory for your bike that makes it uniquely yours? We’ve got just the thing!

Custom tethers available too! Don’t want liners, but just want tethers? Give us a shout!

Just like our seat options, we are always adding new patterns. Ready to order, or looking for something else? Shoot us an email! Don’t forget to order matching tethers too!!

We currently offer custom saddlebag liners for the following bags:

’93-’13 style

’14-’18 style

’93-’13 & ’14+ Razor/Chopped tourpak bottom and lid liners available now!

Dirty Bird trunk liner now available!

As mentioned, we are always adding more pattern options, so if you don’t see what you need, just give us a shout!

We offer 3 tiers of liners, to accommodate any budget and look. Our basic liners come in the standard diamond-pleated velvet, and include carpet for the bottoms. Our smooth liners are available in your choice of material, bonded to premium plush foam, with no pleating to them, and also include carpeted bottoms. Our primo liners are our top-of-the-line option, and are availble in your choice of material, with large, custom sewn diamonds, with your choice of stitching color (including glow-in-the-dark!), and comes with our matching “Stash Hatch” floor inserts, to complete the look of your liner installation. Prices depend on your bags and material choices, so message us to discuss your project!

Unlike those other guys, we even include a can of the proper adhesive to install them for no additional charge, and shipping is included in all of our estimates. No surprise add-on charges here!

All liners will SHIP within 2 weeks of ordering, or you will receive your liners FREE. That’s right, if there is not a tracking # within 14 days of your order being completed you will still get your liners, AND get refunded the full amount. We STILL have never given away a free set. Let’s see anyone else offer this sort of guarantee AND meet it!

*NOTE* While we make every effort to accommodate customers world-wide, we are unable to include adhesive on international orders due to shipping restrictions. We can have proper adhesive drop-shipped to you from a local supplier for an additional charge.