EBR Seat Retrofit Program

Due to popular demand, we are now modifying EBR (Erik Buell Racing) 1190 seats. We’ve had a large response from customers coast to coast, so here is how the EBR seat deal works.

You contact us to discuss details of your seat, send paypal, and ship your seat in to us, we receive your seat, do the necessary work – whether you are adding gel, padding, covers, etc., then we ship your seat back to you, within 3 days of receiving it. The turn-around is under 3 days in the shop, shipping may take 3 or so days each direction, so worst case, you’re down for less than 2 weeks. Depending on our current schedule, we may be able to have your seat done within 24 hours, and shipped back out.

Now, we have several options, which are listed below, with their respective prices. Please make sure you understand what is included in the option you are choosing when you order.


Packages A-D both front and rear seats:
A – 2-tone covers, gel, extra padding.
B – solid covers (like oem), gel, extra padding.
C – 2-tone covers, extra padding, NO gel.
D – solid covers, extra padding, NO gel.

Packages E-H Front seat only:
E – 2-tone cover, gel, padding
F – solid cover, gel, padding
G – 2-tone cover, padding, NO gel
H – solid cover, padding, NO gel

Here are a couple of the EBR seats we’ve done, reinstalled on their owners’ bikes: